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This is the Roxy's FAQ page.  We aim to help and guide you through the process of Raw Feeding your Dog by providing as much information as possible, through our blogs and now our FAQ Section.  Please find some answers to our most frequently asked questions below. 

  • How much do I feed my dog?
    The amount fed is based on your dog’s weight and age. For example, and adult dog would normally be fed between 2 – 3% of their body weight per day. Therefore, a dog weighing 10kg would eat 200 – 300g per day. This is a guide only depending on the dog’s health and exercise etc.
  • How much will it cost to feed my dog raw?
    Depending on the supplier you choose and the type of protein/meat, most of our suppliers provide packs in 454g size. These average out at around £1 each. To feed a 10kg dog would cost less than £7 per week.
  • Can raw feeding help my dog with allergies?
    Yes, definitely. Raw food is biologically appropriate for dogs. If a dog is suffering from allergies, we would recommend an elimination diet to establish what is causing the reaction. Feeding one protein for 6 weeks to start then gradually introducing other proteins. Chicken and beef are common causes of allergies in dogs.
  • How do I go about switching to a raw diet?
    We would recommend a straight (overnight switch) from dry food to raw. A single meat for the first week will help your pet get used to the new feed and allow their stomach to adjust. Additional proteins can be added in over the next few weeks until your pet is on a balanced diet of ideally 4 – 5 different meats each week.
  • Do I need to feed my dog any other supplements?
    In a word, no. If your dog is fit and healthy, a raw diet will give them everything they need. However, there are a number of additions that you can add to enhance your dog’s diet – - A raw egg (including the shell) is a good treat and great for the calcium - Salmon oil can be added to help improve joints and coat condition - We have a range of all natural supplements from Dorwest that can help with a number of conditions from anxiety to general wellbeing - Bones and dried tripe sticks are a great way of removing plaque and keeping your dogs teeth in fantastic condition. Dried seaweed is also a great treatment for plaque removal.

We hope this helps to give you a starting point. If you have any further questions, please give us a call or pop into the shop and we will be happy to weigh your dogs and discuss options. We also offer a full refund on any unused packs if your dogs don’t take to any of the food you purchase from us.

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