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Grand Opening is nearly upon us.

A new specialist shop selling raw pet food will be opening its doors in Telford.

Owners Keith Murray and partner Ros Crocker had started the move to open their first raw pet food store before the Covid-19 pandemic hit and despite the downturn in the economy they are determined to open their retail shop.

Roxy’s Raw Food will be opening its doors at Wombridge Road Shopping Centre in Trench on Monday (June 1st).

Due to the demand the couple have taken pre-orders for delivery and collection and have a number of orders ready for Monday. The interest in the shop has been so that people have been calling in with their dogs as the shop has been prepared.

Keith and Ros have completely revamped the shop on Teagues Crescent so it is ready for its first customers.

The shop will be selling frozen raw dog food and will look to expand its offering for other pets in the future. The full range of products can be viewed at

The couple had been making a 60-mile round trip to buy raw food for their much loved dogs Roxy and Tigger and wanted to be able to offer the products closer to home to pet lovers across the borough.

Keith, 50, said: “Raw pet food is already a huge market across the UK and an area which has experienced significant growth over the last 12 months.

“We had enjoyed the improved health and wellbeing of our beloved dogs Roxy and Tigger since introducing a raw food diet and wanted to be able to offer this conveniently here in Telford.

“We have been doing a 60-mile round trip for our raw dog food which meant to make it economical we had to stock up for a few weeks but that brought problems like storage space and also time.

“We wanted to bring this offering to the high street with convenient parking, first class raw food supplies and products and convenient opening times and service.

“Obviously Covid-19 and lockdown wasn’t part of the business plan but we have continued through and secured the lease and are nearly ready to open our doors.

“We will be opening under social distancing rules so just like people have been queuing two metres apart to go into supermarkets the same will happen at Roxy’s Raw Food and we will operate a one in, one out procedure for now until rules are relaxed further.

“We will be staying open until much later in the day to be able to meet the needs of working pet owners.

“We will also be operating a delivery service as just like people want their weekly food shop delivered to their door, they also want and need the same service for their dogs.”

The pair have been overwhelmed with the support so far.

Ros said the power and importance of “shop local” had been demonstrated in recent weeks and hoped this would continue post-lockdown.

“Independently owned shops have really excelled - they have been forced into offering a new service and to go on-line whereas they may not have previously needed to and have offered a delivery service which they previously may not have done.

“We want people to really appreciate those who have gone above and beyond and to continue using their local shop or supplier as we come through this pandemic.

“Raw food has been a game changer for our two much loved companions and we want to share that offering to other pet lovers.

“Our suppliers are some of the best in the country - any pet lover will know they only want the best for their pet and it is the minimum they deserve.

“We’ve seen Roxy and Tigger grow with a shiny coat, with cleaner teeth and much nicer breath than they had before we made the change to their diet.

“Their energy levels boomed and we have much happier, healthier dogs. We have friends whose dogs had inflammatory issues which have eased since the change in their dog’s diet too.

“We hope once we are up and running we will be expanding the Roxy team. Keith and I are very much looking forward to meeting the dog lovers of Telford and obviously their pooches too.”

The pair will be offering opening competitions and giveaways on their Facebook and Instagram pages @RoxysRawFood and will be open for anybody looking for advice over the phone, to make an order for delivery or face to face advice at the shop - following socially distanced rules and a one-in, one-out rule.

They plan to do an official open day later in the year when it is safe to do so.

For more information visit or call Keith on 07494 567 707 or email

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