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How to Keep Your Dogs Active Indoors - Roxys Guide

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Especially during long winters or if your family tends to travel on a regular basis, it’s easy for your four-legged friends to become underexercised and less sociable when cooped up indoors. If a dog’s year-round exercise routine is neglected or inconsistent, it could lead to unwanted behavioural problems such as aggression, teething, rummaging through the garbage, or anxiety.

Just like people, dogs can experience cabin fever if they’re kept inside for too long. To prevent any behavioural problems, make sure you keep your pooch properly exercised and entertained when he can’t run around outdoors. Here are a few ways to meet your dog’s exercise needs indoors.

Inside Games

One way to keep your dog constantly entertained is to rotate his roster of toys. If you’re teaching your dog self-control, try a game of tug-of-war. If he seems to be longing for a game of fetch, soft toys are safe to use indoors. If your dog is a little bit on the larger side, try exercising them in a spacious room or in your garage.


Dogs are biologically programmed to always be on the hunt for food. You can use this exercise opportunity to your advantage by hiding treats around the house, under a chair, or a piece of furniture. Alternatively, you can feed your dog out of a toy puzzle or challenge them by stuffing treats into a Kong toy. Be sure to stuff them with healthy food, such as natural treats for dogs from Roxy’s!

Quality Time

If possible, opt to take your dog with you on family outings instead of leaving him cooped up at home. You can take him to the pet store to pick out a new toy or enjoy a day out at a pet-friendly cafe. Wherever you choose to go, remember to bring along his favourite Roxy’s snacks! If you can’t dedicate too much quality time to your dog, consider hiring a pet sitter or dog walker.

Play Dates

Does your dog have a best friend? Arranging a play date at your home or theirs can be an excellent way to get your pooch socialised. If he’s up for making a new buddy, take him to the dog park where they can enjoy running off-leash. Don’t forget to keep a watchful eye on your dog as he skips along!

Agility Courses

If you can afford the space, try creating an agility course out of chairs, broomsticks, and hula hoops indoors. You can teach them to properly walk through the course with a Roxy’s treat until they eventually learn how to do so on their own. If you can, teach them to do puppy push-ups or even puppy yoga.


When daily walks aren’t possible, don’t neglect your dog by denying them the joys of exercise. Remember, there are dozens of ways to have fun indoors, and when you’re equipped with a Roxy’s treat, they might even learn a new trick or two.

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