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How to Responsibly Feed a Fussy Pet

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

If your pet is a fussy eater, it can be tempting to turn to hand-feeding or to change your pet’s diet completely. However, some dog food options that may be considered “tastier” are also sometimes less nutritious than a raw dog food diet. If your dog is indulging in lazy learned behaviours, your best bet for getting them to eat is by employing a nutritionally complete and high-quality diet.

Responsible Dog Ownership

Beyond feeding your pet the right kind of food, managing their weight is among the other responsibilities of a dog owner. To determine whether your dog’s muscle and fat levels are where they should be, your vet will likely measure them according to Body Condition Scoring.

If your dog is underweight and you’re wondering whether they might just be a picky eater, consider the following questions:

  • Are your dog’s teeth clean and well-maintained?

  • Is your dog’s stool wetter or smellier than usual?

  • Has there been a change in routine within the household?

  • If your dog is female, are they experiencing hormonal changes?

  • Is your dog refusing to eat only a specific type of food?

  • Is the food you’re providing fresh or nearing expiration?

  • Is your dog demonstrating other health problems?

How to Persuade Your Dog to Eat

While it’s perfectly safe for your dog to go without a meal for a day or two, leaving food in their bowl to see whether or not they’ll eventually eat it isn’t always the best solution. Instead, you can try the following.

Option 1

Revert to a type of food your dog prefers then slowly transition them to their new, raw food diet. Start by portioning their food to primarily contain the previous brand, then work the raw food in by a quarter every day, slowly lessening the amount of the old food. Most pet owners who are new to raw food diets find that starting out with Furry Feasts is easiest!

Option 2

If your dog doesn’t take to a bowl of food for 10 minutes, take it away until their next scheduled feeding. More often than not, a dog won’t be willing to starve itself. However, switching foods over and over won’t do them any good either and will reinforce the idea that you’re willing to do it every time they refuse to eat their raw food. Just remember not to forego a meal for over 48 hours.

Option 3

If your dog appears under the weather, they will sometimes resort to self-fasting. Remember to keep your dog hydrated during this time. You can do so by providing them with a lukewarm bone broth, which might encourage them to eat eventually. If the issue persists, it may be time to consult with your vet.


Fussy eaters aren’t uncommon, especially if you’re trying to get your dog used to a brand-new diet. Knowing how to approach this problem can make transitioning them into a raw food diet that much easier but it’s also important to know when to see a vet.

At Roxy’s Raw Food, we stock the best raw dog food in Telford, UK, that tempts even the pickiest of eaters! For a shinier coat, cleaner teeth, and fresher breath for your pet pal, shop with us today!

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