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Raw Feeding for Dogs: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Pet owners tend to be divided on the issue of raw feeding. Some believe that it is the right way to feed animals, seeing as it is how they eat in the wild. For others, domestic animals should not be given raw meat; the number of cooked pet food products available in the market seems to support this idea, here at Roxys Raw Food, we looked into some facts around Raw V Cooked feeding.

Most brands produce kibble through extrusion. This method results in pet food that contains anywhere from 25 to 45 percent starch. That means if you feed your pet extruded kibble, starch comprises a quarter to nearly half of its daily diet. This is edible, yes, but also unhealthy, and is one of the most compelling reasons why owners should switch to feeding dogs raw food.

Why is starch-based kibble harmful?

Excess starch causes spikes in a dog’s blood sugar levels and can damage your pet’s endocrine system. Furthermore, it makes the wrong gut bacteria flourish. If your pet has persistent dermatitis despite regular grooming, it may be because of an abundance of harmful gut bacteria. Try switching your pet to a raw diet; it helps good gut bacteria to grow.

Some people try to work around this by feeding their pets grain-free kibble. The problem is that this kind of food still derives starch from somewhere; it may be corn, oats, or wheat, but it’s all starch. If pets get too much of it, it gets dangerous for their overall health.

What are alternatives to cooked pet food?

People cook meals because heat destroys harmful bacteria. Before the invention of refrigerators, this was one of the only available methods of preventing contamination. Cooking food starts a process called protein denaturation, which makes pet food safe to consume and eliminates pathogens.

A downside to protein denaturation is that it cuts down the number of natural enzymes and good bacteria. A raw food diet gives your pets the benefit of better nutrient digestion, thanks to the proliferation of good bacteria.

A better alternative to cooking food through heat is by freeze-drying. This was first used by the military during World War II and is effective in preserving food. It lengthens the shelf life of an item and causes the least amount of nutrient damage.

Why does freeze-drying work better?

Freeze-drying removes the moisture from food using a vacuum. Because of their long shelf life, these kinds of products are a great option for people who love bringing their pet along when they travel. If you are fond of hiking or must travel long distances, freeze-dried food items offer a tidy and convenient way of delivering nutrients to your pet.


Your furry friend will benefit the most from raw or freeze-dried food. That it is the fastest-growing market segment is proof that many people are becoming more comfortable with the idea of feeding their pet with alternatives to kibble. Whenever your budget permits, you should give your pet raw or freeze-dried food. You will see improvements in your pet’s health if you do.

Buy your raw dog food in Telford at Roxy’s Raw Food. A raw food diet provides so many benefits to your dog, from stable energy levels to healthy digestion, shinier coats, and much more. Browse our products today or get in touch with us for more information.

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