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Roxys Update

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Hi guys, I hope you are finding our posts useful as you and your dogs continue their raw food journey. Maybe you have found us as you consider a raw food switch and are wondering what is it all about.

Ros and I opened Roxys Raw Food on the 1st of June and we have had the total pleasure of meeting hundreds of you, some experienced raw feeders looking for a local supplier, some curious about the hype.

The feedback we have received has been amazing, the desire to do right by your beloved pets fantastic. Either way, we love to meet you and your beautiful dogs. We even have a wall of doggy visitor pics now so you can come in and spot your pup 😊

So why raw feed, why not just pour some biscuit in the bowl. Why the fuss of defrosting, the hassle of cleaning and sanitizing after….?

For me, there is one word that just hits the nail on the head, NATURAL. In my humble opinion, you just cannot feed your dog a better diet. Our facebook page is full of comments, better coats, happy dogs, better teeth, less skin irritation.

If you have ever thought about switching or you are raw feeding and interested in new options, we currently stock a number of suppliers as well as a fantastic range of frozen bones and chunks. If your dog suffers from allergy issues or irritable skin, please do get in touch, we can help.

The last 2 months have been amazing, please come and share the journey with us.


Roxy’s Raw Food

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